Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's on YOUR neurons today, eh?

I don't know about you... but,

That's what those wispy, almost impossible to notice, totally errant thoughts are called by some (in the archaic literary sense - traveling in search of adventure), flitting, fluttering, and tripping their own light-fantastic in there, particularly in the way they escape one's attention, until they become SO noisy, and SO obvious - like landing on your eyeballs, or crawling up your nostrils, or buzzing within an inch or so from your earholes... that THEN, you notice them, right?

But behold when you catch one of them. If you ever hold them up to further scrutiny for a few moments, you will likely discover they hold clues to the universe in there, out there, that most people never even imagine would be the case, until that fateful day when IT happens... you know, the Great Experience...
you know... meeting one of the
 Great Mosquitoes in the Mystery.

Fear and Loathe NOT the Great Mosquitoes, because they only come around, like "blistahs on your fingahs", when the AXE, that is your life, has for a long time been played like there really WAS no next time, no next day, no tomorrow. When you've put everything on the line - to meet the G.M. eye to eye, and nose to nose - you may actually be allowed to experience HIS Great Experience... meeting you.

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