Friday, November 8, 2013

The POWER in words

Everyone thinks/believes (and readily gives "lip service" to the notion that) there is "power in words", but nobody understands this correctly.

Yes, there is power, but it's definitely NOT in words... however, on the other hand, Yes, there is power in words, but it's definitely NOT well, or even efficiently used by those who get hit by it. The power is misused, misdirected, misunderstood, and consequently humanity today is less evolved in certain important aspects than a hundred or five hundred or one thousand years ago. Today, this POWER that is everywhere, has become channeled into the wrong things, rather than into the most important thing - Awakening.

Now, before reading the rest of this... do the 'right thing', and take a five minute, or five second break, look away, and compose your OWN rendition, your OWN bit, discussing this notion... ...waiting... ... alrighty then...

There is absolutely NO difference - power-wise - in these two words, "hate", and "love" (or any other arbitrarily selected pair, trio, quartet, or whatever), no matter how they are used internally or externally. "I HATE YOU FRED" (expressed with scornful eyes, and harshly raised voice), is essentially (the essence of the phrase) identical to "I LOVE YOU MARY" (expressed with admiring eyes, and softly whispered voice), and if you don't immediately understand that, then you don't understand anything at all, about language - about words - and how it has been implanted in you at an early age (even before you could speak them intelligently, or use them meaningfully) by those who came before you, who were similarly implanted by those... etc., etc., etc., and how the language - words, and their "attachments"... attached meanings - has "grown and developed" for as long as you have been tending that
"Garden of Delights"
That is your mind
Yes, there is POWER, but not in words...
in YOU.

Right here and now, I am looking scornfully at my cat there, lying on the table looking up at me, and I am thinking and saying out loud: "I HATE YOU FRED", and don't you just know it, NO REACTION, except his typical head-bobbing gaze of curiosity! So this time, smiling, I try: "I LOVE YOU MARY", and it's just the same ol' thing! The only way to force a reaction is by certain movements, and/or loud noises, but words alone produce absolutely NOTHING!
Let that be a lesson, human.
POWER is something else entirely, and when a person is not "identified" with the actions and events and people around them in Real Time, they will not allow their OWN POWER to drift aimlessly into irrelevancies, including being PISSED that someone said "I HATE YOU", or something else entirely when told "I LOVE YOU." How one reacts to the world simply "doing ITS thing" (driven by forces unknown to almost everyone, and thus never taken into proper account), is always a function of your own level of being and consciousness, and what will result therefrom are Conscious Actions appropriate to the situation.

POWER is something that can and must be extracted from that which masks it, including words, phrases, ideas, concepts, either spoken or written. Power is everywhere, affecting everything all the time, and it's FREE and AVAILABLE to those "with a mind" to extract, refine, and store it.

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