Monday, November 11, 2013

At the Feet of the Master

The history of language use in human groups has always been about one person speaking, while the others listen, until that dynamic changes and another person speaks and the others listen. It is more than just obvious, or even pragmatic (can't have everyone speaking at once), and it is not just about teachers and their students.

In the beginning of language use in human groups - the unknown beginning, though perhaps it is knowable after all - everyone in the small group did not just stand up and suddenly start speaking out loud to the others, who were also shocked and surprised they were doing the same thing - "Ohhh, the cacophony!" Very likely, one person began to talk, and the others heard the sounds and saw the movements associated with some identified meaning, and after a short while these coordinated actions caught on. Soon, others in the group could mimic the actions and communicate similar, even new meanings to the rest of the group.

"The Teacher" taught the students, and the students learned well. 
"At the Feet of the Master" had a very simple beginning. 

The Master Speaks, and the students listen, and then one of them rises to Speak and the others listen. This whole process, that is certainly more than 10,000 years old, is a dynamic, ever shifting process, always and must be.

The real beauty of the process in human groups, is that people very quickly learned to LOVE speech because of the hearing, and what happened in those who listened well, and the effect that listening had on their nervous systems going forward. Though they didn't realize it at the time, the Dynamic Process under investigation here, was the primary contributor to human conscious evolution, that was eventually spoken about as a separate topic, primarily for those who, even today, shop for Bibles, Systems, Philosophies, Religions, Teachings, and especially those who AUTHORED them - if possible - and who may even claim a certain higher degree of expertise/understanding than all the others who would find them.

Listening is fine, and necessary, for a long time perhaps, but eventually one must "rise up", must Stand on their Own Two Feet, rather than continuing to sit down on their own rear haunches; in order to Speak the Truth that they are now, hopefully, capable of speaking.

Thus and therefore - so to speak - the Aim and Purpose of human life is to BE THE MASTER, not being satisfied to remain the ever recurring, never really learning, and likely never actually escaping student in the wings (wishing he'd grown a pair of his own). And certainly not being comforted by showing up late, sitting down on his haunches, leaving way too early, all the time hoping beyond hope that THIS TIME, he will be suitably entertained (code for "enlightened") so he can LEAVE, once and for all.

This is real meaning of going it alone.

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