Monday, November 18, 2013

Tardisian Explorations

Many people have experience hanging around with other people who say they want something higher, beyond, outside of ordinary human experience, not so much because it is perceived as "better", but because it is perceived/conceived as "The New and Extra-ordinary." They are those who want to travel in unknown ways, and are called, "The Seekers of Truth."

What people don't understand about Tardisian Explorations, is that once the ship lifts off into the previously unknown and unknowable, any deviations from the Way There, will break the connection so completely that the ship instantly returns to the starting point - well, a moment before that, before anyone had even noticed, let alone entered the room/booth - as if it had never even appeared, let alone lift off, at all, and all who were once in the ship have already forgotten themselves so completely that they even forget about their now, and perhaps permanently, "lost opportunity" as well.

Once you get into the ship and it lifts off, you must always be on guard lest the "crash and burn" subroutine (well... "return to the starting gate") gets activated, and you return to a point JUST BEFORE TAKE-OFF, and all memory is instantly wiped. It is tantamount to, yet again, never even finding the ship, never entering the ship, never lifting off. It is tantamount to, yet again, marking time on Planet Graveyard (third rock from the Sun) you so wanted to escape before your time is up.

In case someone is confused about the metaphors hiding literal truths here, Look Around, Listen Up, maybe it will come to you, like it did for Amy Pond (and you know what happened to her!) Good Luck with that.

A little clue that will likely be missed, again!
When someone actually gets their chance to "power the tardis" (supply the energy to operate the control system and "run the booth" - you know, the room that's bigger on the inside), they either a) run it to places and times unknown by anyone, including themselves, or (much more likely, if not damn near always and then some), b)  they instantly break the connection, all the energy (the "seed") spills onto the ground of their gross and mundane world, as they break into a story about american flag protocols, or neighborhood holiday decorations, or some "great man" posing as a car manufacturer with a vision... yada, yada, yada.
(Heard it all before, must we hear it all again? Especially... HERE?)

It's not so easy to run the room, and not until one can actually do that, will they discover how it happened in the - for them, if and when it ever does - first place, such that they may, if lucky, be able to operate the Control System and monitor the MCP for the next journey into the internalmost spacetimes (the "tiniest example" of "getting small" known to any man). They should (as they say) "be so lucky!"

Why? Because, when one flubs the dub too many times, the booth does a permanent disappearing act before they ever even catch the "windsong" whispering its presence, like just another silent mosquito that GOT AWAY!

This is really just a case of an extreme lack of imagination, originality, and creativity. It was given to us at the instant of our sperm/egg marriage ceremony, then, as children it gets weaned out of us through living with family members, the neighborhood kids, and especially the educational system. By the time a person reaches his late teens, and early adulthood he's lost most of his capacity for higher development... and is usually never able to recover it again.

A Friend has reworded the "famous" acronym in this way:

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