Monday, October 28, 2013

Success is Assured

Your success is assured, if you don't screw it up. 
Life has made everyone capable of achieving all that any human can attain in one lifetime, and you don't need bible training, koran training, talmud training, fourthway training, buddhist training, or any other kind of training to achieve that. You were born with all that is ever necessary, and you can thank your parents for that.

First, of course, you need to Believe it - without undue, and really unnecessary internal argument - and the proof you don't already have that necessary level of CERTAINTY in your belief, is when you continue to doubt that others may have this capacity, even if you think you may. You are not unique. You do not have more than others, they do not have less than you, although you may KNOW more than others, including the TRUTH of this assertion, as well as WHY it must be so.

Second, of course, you need to Realize that what was taught by the masters and given to their nearest and dearest, did NOT find its way into books, manuscripts, yahoo groups, and facebook pages... not by a very, very long shot! Their teachings were always oral, and specifically for those in the room at the time. As is always the case, there are some who leave early on - but not TOO early to understand point one for themselves - and some of them may even start something new elsewhere, and it is ALWAYS something new, and must be. Those who stayed around for years and years may have known something as well, but perhaps not. They may have only been allowed to stay around so that new people who came into the groups could feel "comfortable" in this strange, strange setting. Some stayed primarily to assist the master in his endeavors - paying the bills, upkeeping the meeting place, sending out the fliers, setting up and down the refreshments and chairs before and after - and they were fine with that. AND, it is usually just for THEM - the four or five or so, his "nearest and dearest" - that the master continued for all those, perhaps, many years. Were it not for THEM, he would have just shut the whole thing down.

Third, of course, you need to UNDERSTAND that you and your "issues" need to get worked out, as soon as humanly possible, so that you can begin the Exploration of Life, the World, and the rest of the universe that is possible for those who get started, so long as it's not too late. By the time a person reaches 30 or so, s/he should have started because 30 or more years is necessary to explore the outer reaches of these higher realms. And besides, it's simply MORE FUN having MORE TIME in which to discover all these new and wonderful things. The mundane level - of people and their trials and tribulations - is fully comprehensible so long as one starts rightly. But if one gets side-tracked by "pseudo teachings", "faulty religions", "phony new-age technologies", and never gets on with the EFFORT to understand themselves, and to really explore their own nervous systems - to Know who and what they Are - they might never have the opportunity to do so.

So, while Your Success 
is always assured... 
The future is never assured.

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