Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Conscious Schools"

Many here have heard of such things, but few here have personal experience of such things, and only a few of the few have current experience of such things, but if a person can begin to understand precisely WHAT the term means, everything changes in an instant.

In fact, there are no such things as "Conscious Schools" EXCEPT in relation to those who do understand. For all the rest, they are just places to meet, talk, dig ditches, plow fields, make meals, socialize, gossip, and all the other things people do in life.

For those who do understand, they know what their own responsibility is, and they can move in the right direction anyway, so that simply being with their Friends - the real ones, not the fake ones - qualifies as a "conscious hangout", so long as each one always brings their "A-GAME": Awake, Conscious, Ready to Roll, and by all means, "sans personality", which is  another term that requires more understanding than life out there provides.

Those who do understand know that they don't "join", or "meetup", or "visit" a "Conscious School". Hardly! They know that the idea is pointing NOT to a place out there - in the foothills of some small mountain range in the East - BUT to a place between their ears, behind their eyes, where the Real Mountain Peak is, that place they have known about almost all their lives, and only recently perhaps had the words to express something about it to their Friends. They know it is There, at the Top, that they can PEEK above the ordinary level of consciousness prevalent in the rest of humanity at this time - so caught up in silliness, nonsense, arguments, disagreements, lies, deceits, wars and threats of wars - allowing the possibility of actually
"Getting Higher"

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