Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Metaphorizing the metaphor

If it can be agreed that today, humans consider that their religions and philosophies represent the highest (most meaningful) thoughts possible for present-day humans, then the cause and genesis of such institutions must be explored.

First, there was just casual talk between and among humans of their day, who were involved for most of their waking hours in the activity of just staying alive and well; when getting fed and fucked were the most important activities of the day.

Later, this talk morphed into ideas, which later morphed into rules, then laws, then religions and philosophies, and later psychologies.

All religions and philosophies are just laws, rules and ideas stemming from those earliest days in mankind's evolution from non-speaking hairy apes to talking naked apes.

Religions and philosophies are metaphors for literal, direct, in-your-face instructions given verbally by one man to another, as he taught him how to: fish, fight, fend for himself, and live independently, by feeding others, fighting for others, defending one's family, and living together.

The general population will always believe (note: believe, not Think), that the next step in this evolutionary progression, would be going back to the beginning, the source of all that teaching, and so we have libraries, and bookstores containing millions and millions of yesterday's records. But, in fact, it is not going back, "unmetaphorizing the metaphor" (as if to understand the original teachings), because that direction is devolution.

Evolution of consciousness 
is going forward, 
metaphorizing the metaphor.

Now, today, every today, a singular entity wakes up from his slumber, hungry, horny, and faced with the exact same predicament his earliest ancestors were faced with. It's not that a sleeping creature must return to the womb to awaken, it's that He must emerge from the Womb.

Future Man, is the Womb Man - 
post-cross, post-resurrection.

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