Thursday, October 23, 2003


People absolutely DO NOT LIKE TO HEAR NEW INFORMATION. This has nothing to do with programming or education, but genetics, and biochemistry. That's why people settle so easily into habits - which in themselves are not bad at all, even for neural explorers, and definitely do not need to be altered/changed/modified/stopped -unlike those teachings that would claim otherwise.

Habits are necessary to the overall functioning of the organism - individual organisms, and Life itself. Start breathing other-than-air and see what happens, or start eating nothing at all, or dirt, and see what happens. Start thinking new information (not the phony new, the so-called new, but the REALLY NEW), and the mind will instantly shut it out in one of two ways - either it won't hear it at all, or will immediately dismiss/discount it and forget about it entirely.

The real revolutionary explorer into regions heretofore unknown (we're talking about the mind here, we're talking the outermost reaches of your Life-given nervous system here), must engage in a global battle with themselves alone, must confront the habitual in a precisely unique and specific way, having to do with the inner posture one has toward themselves. If a person has/takes the posture that "they are all screwed up as they are" and "they need to be fixed" (and this all comes from programming and environment -including religions, philosophies, psychologies, teachings), then (sorry, charlie) they are lost. One must acquire (and it is NOT Life-given, though DNA contains the capacity for such objective viewing - think of it as turning on dormant genes) an inner posture of absolute, and TOTAL acceptance of everything - inner, outer, and all around - in an attempt to be able to sidestep all oncoming advances from "out there" (which is a very variable and changing phenomenon of course), seeking to alter your inner posture - to knock you over as it were, to "bring you down", back into the ordinary, pre-journey world.

"A person who sets out on a journey to a place he's never been (Enlightened), and knows nothing about already (and no one is born knowing anything about this), brings nothing along with him - not even his books, and memories of reading them. He goes naked into the journey, and can only pick up bits and pieces along the way. (How they got there, can only be known by him.) There is no logic out there, and he can not organize those bits the way he did before setting out. (If that happens it becomes part of the pre-journey world only.) However, he must store them in any case, and be able to retrieve them instantly, if not even before that."

One should consider themselves, virtually if not absolutely, completely in the pre-journey world, that is, ordinarily awake, NOT extraordinarily awake, and then his TASK, if he chooses to accept it, is to invent and traverse a Mystical Map to a New Universe of His Own Making.

Then, wouldn't you know it, the TASK becomes, how to enliven the map.... as they absolutely will die on the vine, unless quickened.

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