Thursday, October 16, 2003

Do androids dream they are human?

Just because a person can ask a question of themselves, and provide an almost immediate angle of thought, point of view, or chapter and verse - a mini essay of sorts - all from memory - does not mean that person understands what he is talking about, or that it has any relevance at all the original question.

One only has to look to oneself to see the truth of this.

If you want to know how an android is programmed, this is how. Input the language - any will do - organize by chapter and verse - with line numbers and indices - then, for every supposed question/problem you want the android to process, reach into it's head and pull out various meaningful sentences, all wrapped up into a "program", or "essay", and then send it to the output centers of the android.

However, present the android with something it has never considered before, and it becomes locked in a feedback loop. And, of course, the biggee which always starts the meltdown, is how can an android locked in a feedback loop escape itself when outside it's dynamic it doesn't exist?

What's going on, with the android - let's call him Fred Jr. - is that he was programmed by super-programmer Fred Sr. who was so clever and expert at his job, that Fred Jr. actually thinks he is all that Fred Sr. is - hell, he could even program a little Fred III if he was so inclined.


Who are we talking about here? Fred Sr. or Fred Jr? How can Fred Jr. be taken even >>a little bit<< seriously, when discussing the States of Mind of Fred Sr? How about the Three Centers of Functioning of Fred Sr? Or, the Four Bodies of Fred Sr?

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