Sunday, November 2, 2003


There is a strong tendency in all humans, to believe that, "growth of being", includes such features as, maintaining a "healthy" body, a "satisfying" emotional life, and a "stimulating" intellect - that is, to use them fully, or lose them. Thus, the primal flow driving the actions of all humans is to not only stay alive, but to improve - and improve is the correct word here, because their ordinary consciousness perceives a body in decay, an emotional life out-of-control, and an intellectual process not much more capable than a 15-year-old's, if that.

This process of change desired by all humans - to improve themselves >>as they see themselves<< - is conducted by the intellectual circuit of the nervous system, the cortex and frontal lobes, in conscious thought. A person always starts by making statements regarding what they see - "I'm too fat, not smart enough, get angry too quickly, lazy." A body doesn't look at itself and decide to lose weight, it is the one being fat, so obviously IT wants to be fat. The mind, thought, perceives and compares images and sounds, and certain measurements/reports are heard by that same consciousness as it reports on the body. "I'm too fat, I should lose weight, I will buy a Diet book, tomorrow." And so the process begins.

The person looks for a book, a teaching, a system, to teach his mind what to do and how to change - because he certainly can't do it himself! No way, no one can. Or so he, and everybody else, thinks and believes. He buys a diet book, a college text book, an anger-management self-help tape series, an exercise book. He reads, studies, commits parts to memory, writes out 3x5 index cards, and joins a group of other dedicated men and women withwhom he can share his efforts and experiences. And, of course, believes in the efficacy of such an activity, and presumes ultimate success.

But, all that - top to bottom - from initial realization he's too fat, to the action plan in-progress for years - is the INDIRECT WAY. It is Indirect, because it is not initiated by the person from within. It is the ordinary person, being quite common and ordinary. He is simply doing what everybody does, in exactly the same way everybody does it, and justifying it to himself, in precisely the same ways.

The DIRECT WAY, is one which comes from oneself FIRST - it is his intentional invention of a Creation Myth, in which he plays all the parts, God, Adam, and Fred.

The DIRECT WAY, is one that can't be taught, or written down, until it is spoken, and only then - with great effort and consideration - quite sparingly. Because ordinary consciousness that would hear it said, would not understand it, for it all but busts logic, and turns ordinary reasoning on it's head.

The DIRECT WAY, occurs in those moments when Life, all around and abundantly alive - as it always is - reveals - as it continually does - those processes which are intertwining right then, to produce in matter, form, and energy, shadings and outlines which are usually totally missed, but now, are impossible to miss - they are perceived in consciousness. Almost like looking up at a sky full of clouds on a breezy spring afternoon, and seeing scenes and scenery of a meta- hyper- "physical" topology, that just as quickly melts into another completely different, yet wholly consistent, reality, and the consciousness experiencing all this, is, as it were, transported to those "places" which have never been activated before.

The DIRECT WAY, is the intentional myth-making/realization extension of the circuitry of the nervous system one was born with - not "for a reason" (like living longer, healthier, or happier...), but, simply, on purpose.

The DIRECT WAY, is the Action.

The INDIRECT WAY, is the thinking of action.

As long as the thinking of action is limited, then so is the possibility of action.

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