Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Escape Hatch

Humans who have suspected there might actually BE an escape hatch somewhere (that has been installed by "higher forces" or "upper agencies" to enable a certain few - here and there - to OPT OUT of the world of sheeple, who blindly and stupidly follow the loudest voices, the shiniest baubles, and the glitziest entertainments, and OPT IN to a new world above the fray) have always sought out other MEN (and sometimes, yes, women, and even -rarely- children [in the case of reincarnated buddhas, lamas, and other gurus]) for guidance, but their seeking has always failed, sometimes dramatically, and sometimes long before their inevitable DEATH was even necessary due to following WRONG ADVICE.

Only a few humans ever truly realize, in time, WHERE that escape hatch can be located. Oh, it exists of course, but not as a hard-and-fast place, or fixed point-in-time, and it isn't a moving "X" on a vast watery surface... but it IS a definite intersection of the second, third, and fourth dimension, of which the first two are clearly Past and Present, and the third is the Future. Humans simply can not deal with these overlapping dichotomies (2-3, 2-4, and 3-4), simultaneously, in real time, because they perceive time linearly, not spatially (and definitely not hyper-spatially). Humans, in general and in each generation, are what is called by some, Asleep to reality as it is.

For them, it is always like walking out of the confines of their warm, dark, and cozy bedroom where they have just spent the last nearly 8 hours of their daily life (totalling one-third of their entire life!) into the blindingly bright and crystally clear expanse of the world as it is, and this sudden transition figuratively blows their hair back, and they immediately go right back to sleep on an incrementally higher or lower level, which simply means... "back to the bedroom". This condition/syndrome/disorder goes on forever (in "human time", which ain't very long), and any supposed quest for the escape hatch is set back another day!
"Oh well, there's ALWAYS tomorrow."

So... why don't humans realize this? It is the INTRUSION of random thoughts generated by energies that are totally UN-regulated and UN-managed, into the mirrored surface of the "enlightened world" of UPPER LIGHT and HIGHER AGENCIES (mentioned above, with a twist). You know what brings DOWN even the best "high" (LSD, Shrooms, Hash, DMT, etc.)? This same INTRUSION, which is why all those "educated in the ways of the shaman" always advise, "keep your damn thoughts AT BAY!"
LOOK around, 
Don't Think About It. 

This "fabled" escape hatch - if it even exists at all, regardless of the "where" and "when" - might be imagined to be like the pull-down laddered path to the ceiling door leading to the attic... if only it could be that simplistic. It is more like a crack, or fracture in the structure (of the brain) that can only be seen at all, when the light from above is ON, and not that 100-watter, like is often found in home attics, but a 2500-watter, which is only possible if enough electrical energy has previously been pushed up and into the storage capacitors awaiting the "fabled" escape event which turns it on, revealing the crack.
First, you must "get really small," then you can pass through anything.

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