Friday, April 24, 2015

Open Meeting - it is "never" too late!

Well, about that, it certainly IS too late for those many "too shy and too fearful," who don't jump off the cliff, into the deep ocean below, and swimming around, catch some tasty treats. They slowly starve to death for lack of "New Newtrition**", but hey, they've got their favorite books packed into their backpack (their "fall back position"), except that, not realizing what they are doing, it WEIGHS THEM DOWN, Down, down, straight to the sea floor where the scavengers dwell - having been bitten, torn, gobbled, ripped and chewed all the way down.
NOT a very fun trip, that's for sure.

"New Newtrition:" As earlier suggested most emphatically: you MUST verify everything for yourself, in the same sense as discovering it for yourself.  And further, if the "New" does not seem to be readily available to you, DON'T settle for the old... Don't Do It!... then, if you are lucky enough, alert enough, and doggone it... ready for such a thing, you may actually learn to employ the three biggees: Invention, Discovery and Creation. Then, when you can do that at will (come and go) you'll be able to experience this thing we are doing for yourself.

It is a very fine line between 
believing in "Saturday, 4/25, at 9am eastern" or 
any such "set of spacetime coordinates,"
(like 18 hours earlier - check your watch!) and 
Going and Coming at will.
Don't call us... We'll call you.

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