Thursday, April 9, 2015

Post "code" commentary (dessert course)

Judging by the large number of thoughtful, and quite interesting responses to the previous attempt at extending the circle that is our little group - meeting weekly for years - it seems appropriate to clarify a few things and then finish up with a formal invitation to those still thoughtful and interested.

Clearly, very few people actually understand the distinction being made between "searching for information" (from books, websites and elsewhere), and "searching for People who Understand something" (in person, whether in the same physical space or separated by a large distance, which is now quite easy for anyone.)

All the "wonderful" and/or "useful" information out there in the world is all but meaningless and usually even incomprehensible to those without the "preparation" to receive it. Such unprepared people find the notion almost repulsive and are even willing to say so publicly, shaming themselves without even realizing they are doing so. In relation to "information," PEOPLE are orders of magnitude more important, yet many (too many perhaps) still believe books and printed documents of one kind or another that must be READ to be received are "good enough," if not even sometimes better. NON-SENSE!

Find the Place where the meeting is occurring, obtain a personal invitation, show up on time, and be prepared, and capable, to "leave your everyday personality" (the placeholder of opinions, beliefs, and downright silliness of all kinds) outside the door, and do not let it into the room if possible (the hard part!)... and then, if you can accomplish that 1st Task, and your invitation is not summarily pulled, show up and do it again next time, and the time after that. Eventually - which may occur during that first meeting - it may dawn upon one that there are SECRETS which can be received and used profitably and beneficially by some humans who have been adequately prepared to receive them, and that a connection with the SOURCE can be opened. Do Note: the two "code words" SECRETS and SOURCE, do not have ordinarily presumed definitions, and that is a fact Jack.

Here is a question for some to consider: Which would you prefer? To spend years trying to discover/locate a secret gold mine somewhere in your home country that has not already been plundered by hoards of unknowledgeable and thus unprofessional miners who despoiled the place by their ignorance of what is necessary, and leaving NOTHING for you... OR, To discover/locate a secret gold mine which is much, much closer to home - even in your own back yard - with a vein running deep and wide covering your entire one acre lot? This is obvious. Don't overthink it. Do Note: "gold mine", and "one acre lot" is code.

The answer is similar to: Which would you prefer? To spends tens of thousands of dollars for your particular "drug of choice," the quality and safety of which is difficult to determine, and the availability of which is not up to you... OR, To  learn how to produce even better, safer, higher quality substances that were ALWAYS quite available to you, except that before learning the SECRETS of their reliable creation and proper usage, were quite unknown to you? Well... duh!!!

Oh yeah, there are other codes in here - and in all the previous posts going way, way back - but they should be damn near obvious to the "suitably prepared!" Clue: Gather them all up and they reveal a KEY, or even keys within keys.

Perhaps some can see now what this invitation is pointing to, 
and why it was suggested to...
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