Saturday, April 18, 2015

Open Meeting

Although the many previous invitations to our unique teleconference (posted here and elsewhere, since September 4th, 2014) have fallen upon deaf ears ...or should that be, blind eyes ...we persist, because we know there are many people out there who are "of the right stuff." Of course, being of the right stuff  is no big deal, because everybody is either "Ready or Not" for what we are doing, but few are fearless enough to attempt it.

Precisely at 9am, Eastern Time, April 25th, somewhere in the good ol' U.S.A., we will open another "Room of Special Characteristics," wherein a few of you (no more than four, actually) might - if lucky enough, alert enough, and doggone it... ready for such a thing - meet a small group of similarly equipped humans (of the curious kind) with whom you can share what you may have picked up along the way... Our Way... Waking Up amidst the masses who'd rather spend their chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty in a sort of daze, when for the SAME PRICE they could be amazed.

Please, don't just take our word for this or anything... you must verify everything for yourself, in the same sense as discovering it for yourself. It's NOT that we are "so special" for inviting you into an experience of Invention, Discovery and Creation, that we have discovered. NO! It's that you may be able to experience this yourself. It is a very fine line between believing in "heaven" or any such "place," and Going and Coming as you wish.

Same Rules Apply As Always:
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