Monday, November 3, 2014

Two Month Experiment Concludes

Everything about this Earthly "prison planet" is endlessly fascinating. Everybody knows that, even if this or that part still makes one angry, depressed, and off-their-A-Game... but that's all right, so long as their ordinary mind and emotions are thoroughly occupied from morning till night (and then night till morning) reacting to it. What that has come to mean for the masses (you know, the 99%'ers) is automatic thinking and feeling about everything, utilizing 99% of the energy generated by the food, air and impressions that come into their body during each and every day, until dead and left for the living to dispose of.

Do you understand that? Your thinking and feeling centers/circuits are prisoners of the physical world, and therefore you have, maybe, 1% or less time and energy to "consider" the Higher "FREE ZONES", which is more than just endlessly "fascinating, interesting, enlightening," but "mind-blowingly epiphanic," if not even orgasmic in their potency. The "Music of the Spheres" is more beautiful than any Bach (or pick your favorite) piece.

This, one should know by an early age - EARLY - but most don't, even after many decades of reading, talking, and wandering around their assigned cell on this prison-planet, while meaninglessly rearranging the furniture, pictures on the wall, and floor coverings in an "effort" (of sorts) to change something. And with the passing of each and every day, month, year and decade, they have less and less interest and energy in pursuing it. The masses are doomed to live out their days (their daze) on this prison-planet, never even discovering that the KEYS to their FREEDOM were always - from day one or so - (as if) in their back pocket to use, at will, to escape... but, sadly for them perhaps, they never even knew they HAD that back pocket. Perhaps the joke was on them? And, they didn't "Get It!" Get it?

The masses judge their "success in life" in terms of possessions, primarily, and some semblance of satisfactory business, family and social relationships, but, what about SUCCESS of a HIGHER ORDER? What of that? Most can't even think about it, let alone talk about it, let alone make real progress daily, and for the rest of their lives. They are quite satisfied with the status quo in almost everything, and because of that, they mistake falling behind as some sort of "success." A few, however, can't stand such a menial life, and must find a way to rise above the walls and escape - not in imagination, but in Reality.

So, why "preach to the choir" (those 11000+ members on the various Yahoo/Facebook groups I post these things to, who are ostensibly involved to some degree with these essential matters)? JUST BECAUSE one is membered-up to one or another such group, and read or post once in a while or all the time, that alone does NOT mean anything at all. 95+% of them are not regulars in any case. In general, people everywhere are equally beggars/beginners in relation to the Higher Knowledge that is not ordinarily accessible by the masses whatever they do. Either they can't recognize it, or can't use it (limited senses, limited circuits, limited experience, etc.), so for them it doesn't even exist. For the few who CAN and DO use it (having expanded/extended their senses, circuits, experience), we are always looking for you... to join a face-to-face weekly gathering of a small number of people who also CAN and DO. Either one already understands what CAN and DOES result from being in the presence of similarly "prepared persons," or one does not. Believe this or not: Yahoo/Facebook delayed-reaction email/message groups are NOT the way, never were, never will be. They are semi-enjoyable (perhaps, hopefully) diversions from facing reality head-on, because they push fantasy and imagination and a lot of "conscious" and unconscious lying to the willing diners who keep coming back for more of the same. But what is served up is less than nutritious, often being days or weeks late to your input table. Not tasty. Ugh!

Regarding the experiment that has ended (until we begin again), we received many "replies," of a sort, numbering about 30 in total, and after a simple "vetting question" or two, only TWO finally showed the courage to step up and be there; 25 who initially said they would be there, never followed up on the day/time, nor emailed the reasons (lame excuses) why. Many said something like, "Oh, I am beyond all of that... i.e., not interested in such as that, unless you tell me precisely what the topics are in advance and what I will get from it." REALLY?!? But, that is the dead (completely transparent) giveaway that they are NOT beyond a damn thing at all. Chatting up a Yahoo/Facebook group is the painfully stepped-down, delayed-reaction version of Real Time, Face-to-Face Speaking with a small number of semi, or even actually conscious men and women who know each other and are trying to be present to the room, and active, non-negative, non-judgmental participants. What happens in the best case (which for us regulars, is weekly, for over a year now) is something new and exciting to all the senses and circuits.

More to disregard and dismiss later... (yeah, bet'cha can't wait!)

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  1. Reminds me of something Bob, Leader of the Church of the Subgenius said when asked a question by a journalist:
    "Bob, Do you practice what you preach?"

    Bob replied by saying, "Hell no, I'm not the kind of people I am preaching to"