Monday, November 10, 2014

Life is real only when I am...

In this moment, 
and this moment, 
and this, and this...

"Moment," is code for (the fabled) "Conscious Circle of Humanity." This place - referring now to Yahoo/Facebook/Google groups and all similar places where people are reading, posting, chitting and chatting with other similar hairless bipeds about who knows what! - is not the "Conscious Circle of Humanity," no matter how one might try to convince themselves otherwise. It is a gaggle of children playing with words (in their personal sandbox of words - between the ears,) trying to construct sand castles (ideas, theories, suppositions, and other big mounds of "hopium") that don't immediately topple under their own weight, in order to while away the hours while believing they are still "on the way." For them, it is all just a hobby.

So where ya gonna find One?
Yes, there is a conscious circle, and you too can be admitted therein (while you are still alive), but you must "do the work." Yes, there is Work involved, because it doesn't just happen - even though many believe the silly idea, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear," which is only half true, and just barely. The half that is true, is simply being able to read between the lines and rise above judgment, criticism, doubt and fear, even without the supposed "benefit" of teachings, like 4thway, buddhism, sufism and others. I know a few who did. 

Leetle teeny hint for those still (rightly) considering: yes, there are three centers, or three circuits, but there is a 4th and a 5th, and perhaps a 6th, and they go by different names and descriptions. The "conscious sphere" is up there, out of the way of the noise of the lower realms but not disconnected from it. The sphere "takes form, shape and structure" over time and could be "seen as" (grokked as)...

Thinking Feeling Sensing
Higher Thinking, Higher Feeling, Higher Sensing
It is "comprised" of highly-charged, highly-energetic, highly-magnetized particles that "Come together, right NOW, over 'me'" (shades of John Lennon, who probably knew about this, without KNOWING he knew about it.) But, more later for those who "have an interest, and know how to make themselves 'known'.

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