Friday, November 14, 2014

A "Flyer" on the Wall

Having released our "Flyer" into the dusty and windy climes of delayed-reaction email/message groups for the last couple months or so, we have been rather surprised (not really of course) by a couple things. Of the ~12000+ members of the 10 groups in the experiment, only ~30 people have been able to "figure out" how to get to the next step. Of those, only two have actually made it to the time and place in question - well, nearly, but not exactly, on time, and not quite ready to roll. As for the rest, they were asked a couple "vetting" questions in advance and either failed to reply or answered in the "negative" ("no," "not interested," "wrong time," etc.) and so were removed from the final invitee list. (Yes, it is necessary to "qualify" for admittance - surprise, surprise - as seats are limited.)

One might ask, "What the heck does that have to do with my favorite teaching/teacher and all that it/he stood for?" All right, fair question - so far as it goes, which is not very far at all, but par for the course for ordinary minds to query. Well, it has everything to do with it. Namely. Humans do not understand the process by which they either DO ARRIVE into any particular time and place, or they DON'T, but in each case, with all their explanations, excuses, justifications and rationalizations firmly implanted, and well-rehearsed in their fore-brains, just in case somebody other than themselves asks... "Hey, wha' happened? Thought we would be (or wouldn't be) seeing you here!"

Time is a notion that is simply (or more complexly) outside our wheelhouse. That is, we can't think about it at all. Even with a detailed question like, "Okay, why didn't you arrive ON TIME like you promised?" Now, that one is tough enough for the questioned, but this next one is even harder: "Why are you here? How is it that you arrived here today?" That's the stumper. Even harder than that is this: "Why are you still wasting hours of your life, almost every day without fail, wading through the superficial silliness streaming by your eyeballs (again, with all your explanations, excuses, justifications and rationalizations firmly implanted, and well-rehearsed in your fore-brain), when you should really know by now, that it is long since past time to kick your addiction to it?" Answer that one with a straight face.

Consider, FATE didn't bring you here today to read the stream (i.e., the world streaming by your five lower senses), and DESTINY didn't bring you here, and WILL didn't either. A better word for what is happening to people all over this planet as they literally FALL into each moment, completely unaware and unconscious of the processes occurring within and without... is GRAVITY. And then when they arrive "into the moment" (you know, like this next word I am about to write for your eyeballs... here it comes...) they(you) are moments late and dollars short of a full comprehension. The now (today's version, right now, right here for example) only "dawns" upon people sometime after-the-fact, and even then, they can't remember what happened, having only a vague glimmer of a partial memory of, for example, what the first four words of THIS message/post were. (Come on, strain your brain!) And if you get that easy one, what was the rest of the sentence?

The Flyer suggests most emphatically (but with a soft touch), that the addiction to reading Yahoo/Facebook/Google groups supposedly discussing "the enlightenment game" (which has, for most people, supplanted their previous strong desire to read books,) is stifling their activation of higher circuits where Thinking, above thoughts and words and images, becomes a real possibility - akin to what is called, KNOWING.  Only then can one perceive the Thought of Creation which is embedded within the Thought Stream surrounding this planet. Each human is connected neurally to it by birth, but because of several decades of effectively walling themselves off from it, they have become confined to the cell of their ordinary sensory existence, and they can not perceive a bit of it. We humans are like bugs, insects, crawly things scratching out a short existence at the bottom of Death Valley, surrounded by High Mountains - far, far off in the barely perceptible distance - rising almost to the Sun, which is their rightful home could they but "Get There."

Regarding what is actually being pointed to herein, consider this famous unanswerable question: How is it, that the Six-foot tall five-bulb electric lamp cord becomes correctly situated in an available, and hot Wall Socket? That is, what is really going on here?

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