Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Thinking on auto-pilot"

People are SO used to "thinking on auto-pilot" with nobody at all AT THE WHEEL, that their speaking, to others - friends, family, strangers - has become quite like their thinking has become... i.e., "speaking on auto-pilot." Hey, if you are very observant as usual - and very few are these days - then you have noticed this kind of "auto-pilot thinking" (daydreaming about whatever) many times every hour.

But what is very different about WRITING down and publishing your ideas about this kinda stuff, particularly - for those who actually attempt it, in a serious way - is that you can't do it "on auto-pilot" without it all just "going to shit" (the technical term for, sounding like it came from an 8-year-old trying to teach quantum mechanics to a team of post-grad researchers at MIT. Get it?)

WRITING is a unique skill, or talent, or call-it-what-you-will, that most people never actually experience, because they allow their innate resistance (which everyone has to some degree) to win the day, every day, and so they never get started, and thus never achieve the necessary momentum to maintain the EFFORT over time. This kind of EFFORT - which it most certainly is, and it is three-centered - is not only pleasurable, it is pleasurable in a part of the brain that is almost never ignited, which is only molecules (or neural connections) away from that part of the brain that can be considered to be, the "Escape Hatch" to Higher Possibilities of Thought, and Consciousness.

Only those who have gotten on that roller coaster, and are still riding, can speak about this from experience, and those who would argue against any part of it only prove - to themselves, if they are even mildly alert and awake - they don't know what they are talking about... most likely, "on auto-pilot" too.

So then, as usual, you kinda hafta be there.
You have to experience the machine working,
before you can discover how it works.

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