Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Running the Room"

Nobody can "run the room" who can not "run their own mind." Those who try, and fail, and try again, and fail again, may start talking - and of course, that's what actually happened. But then, many find that they can't "run their own mouth" if they can not "run their own mind," so eventually they invented writing.

One will quickly learn that Nobody can run their own writing who can not run their own mouth, and nobody can run their own mouth who can not run their own mind. Those who try, and fail, and try again, and fail again, usually stop writing altogether, and quite often never pick it up again. Too bad; should have stayed with that practice. It is one of the, if not THE most powerful technique for Waking Up - in the esoteric sense - ever invented, by anyone! It was, after all, the FIRST!

This is, in fact - once you see it - why certain people "back in the day" invented writing in the first place. It was not invented by one person, and then spread all around the globe. It was invented many, many times by many, many people all over the populated globe and at different times, in order to actualize the Prime Directive of Human Beings everywhere: To achieve full consciousness as soon as possible. Writing was invented to hasten their own evolution of consciousness - from thoughts, to speech, and now to writing - due to the genetically built-in problem of NOT BEING ABLE to run their own mind (it's quite literally a CHAOS up there, don't you know?) 

In the beginning, humans everywhere tried and tried and tried to run their own mind, but couldn't do it, so they quickly moved to TALKING out loud, first to themselves, and later to other people around them, because they discovered that in order to run their own mind, they must succeed at running their own mouth. Once that was achieved to some degree, they could move on to inventing writing, so as to memorialize their thoughts. It was not invented to spread the word to other people outside their small group of Friends, thinking and talking to each other as they were naturally made to do... that came much later, AFTER writing was already invented and perfected by those who could run their own mind and mouth, and "THE ROOM" - a strange term, perhaps - which includes the family, the household, the group, the village, the town, the city, the kingdom, the empire. Each example of "A Room" requires that someone RUN IT, or else the noisiest, and most distracted among them, will inevitably take over and cause the whole thing to fall apart... but that's another story (which will remind the alert of the chaos between the ears and behind the eyeballs!)

That brings us to the "present day," which began around three-to-five thousand years ago, and continues to this very day in fact. We are still writing, BIG TIME, and EVERYWHERE, but (sadly?) haven't moved on to next level... yes, there is a next level, but this is not the place or time to discuss that, except to suggest "mind to mind communication" is an, as yet, untapped human potential.

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