Monday, July 7, 2014

The Internet and the Dumb

There is a definite, and quite noticeable connection between the sudden and exponential growth of the Internet, and the just as sudden and geometric (or perhaps it's even exponential - but it's still too soon to determine precisely) dumbing down of the mass of humanity that uses it on an hourly basis, day after Day after DAY!

Today, all of the young (those who are 40'ish and younger - you know, the new 15 year-olds, mentally and emotionally speaking) - who are this planet's only hope to save humanity before it becomes too late to reverse the descending trends set in place primarily by the old (the 50+'s who caused them) - have literally opted OUT of humanity's problems and issues and concerns, in favor of opting IN, one way or the other, to the pop-culture entertainments that occupy most of their "brain power" - both ordinary, and higher. If they had their way, they would jack-in and never jack-out ever again, staying glued to one chair in their room while being force-fed through the eyeballs and earholes the mother's milk of "info-tainment" they have come to love more than actual food and actual personal relationships!

While this can certainly be seen as a shame - when viewed from one angle - it can also be seen as a symptom of Life's Demanding Nature that our species had better WAKE-THE-FUCK-UP before it (Life) has to intervene and announce to the world that things are about to change, big-time. In fact, it has already begun to announce it. If a person is sixty or so, they may just be able to escape the results of that Big-Time Change (though you may have to be seventy or eighty,) but the young - 45-50 and younger are right on the edge of their own personal destruction/extinction event, and it is NOT going to be pretty.

One suggestion for everyone who is jacked-in nearly 24-7-365 (as if they could hear it, which they can't unless they accidentally find this particular blog... not very likely indeed,) would be to start a journal, or diary, or blog, or some other suitable medium where they can learn to WRITE the thoughts that come into their head about everything. That is, to THINK MORE (and write more) about everything, so as to free up their "higher brain power" from the dumbing-down juices which are continually flooding their minds. But, that's not very likely indeed!

Life announced to the world this DEMAND about 50 years ago - by inventing computers and the Internet - and has had to repeat it every few years to the point, today, that it is repeating it every few weeks with another "news story/event". How can we know this? Because of the very thing that is allowing me to echo the demand to the entire planet at one time... you know, The Internet! Oh yeah, sure, "they" would have to be logged into this blog sometime really soon to find out about this (which, again, is NOT very likely,) but at least the Announcement has a gathering swarm of parties relentlessly putting the story out there so that it can be found. And, since the Internet (programming, for all those who don't understand precisely WHAT the Internet actually IS,) is becoming more intelligent and more aware, daily, hourly, it will very soon be "serving up" the DEMAND to every user whether they ask for it or not.
Wait for it. 
You'll see!

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