Monday, July 28, 2014

The Inside Joke Monster

(and how you can avoid it or locate it)

The I.J.M. has been operating in this quadrant for thousands of years, though the methods and results of each specific group-interaction varies widely. But in all cases, someone - the I.J.M. - reveals "secret knowledge" of a kind that can not be expressed fully in the languages of the day, due to the limitations of language itself. So, certain devices must be employed such as metaphor, simile, symbolism, what is called "roots and branches", and many other things of course, but the result being pointed to here is that the "members" are let in on the joke, while the rest of the world is left out.
According to law - so it is said -
Everything that happens in our world comes 
down from above in a unilateral, absolute order; 
As above So below. 

Nothing happens here on Earth that does not have its origin in the higher realms. Language, as we know it, is an Earthly contrivance understandable to ordinary human brains, but there is a higher understanding possible for those "on the inside."

The world-at-large can hear certain "secret teachings" and STILL miss 99% or more of it, because it usually just sounds strange, crazy, weird, odd, or even just casual chit-chat about seemingly ordinary stuff, overheard from a small group of people in a small booth at Denny's Restaurant. But, the members, those "on the inside," or around the table - one and all - are always paying something quite dear for the "privilege" of being present in the room where and when the action is happening. Sometimes it is cash money - currency of some kind - or something else entirely... but some kind of payment is asked from those who value receiving what is provided.

In any case, higher knowledge is an inside joke that only those who can get the joke, can laugh at - in the right way, sans sarcasm, irony, criticism, skepticism, negativity, etc. - while the rest usually have no reaction or a negative reaction. They just don't get the joke, don't receive the "secrets." But this is not always the case of course. Sometimes, a positive reaction will result in the eavesdroppers and bystanders, and they will inquire further into the ones who were "performing" at the time, and may actually be invited back for another go at it.

Following below, is the kind of "flier" one may have found in the past, or will find in the future. Consider such with the "best mind you can activate" because the "ordinary mind" is not even close to what is necessary here. Ordinary minds will view the I.J.M. as a Monster and shun him or her, whereas those of a "best mind you can activate" may view the I.J.M. as a Performer of the higher/highest order and gravitate towards him or her. Such an encounter has often been known to permanently change the direction of one's life.

"If at some time I was approached by a group of thirty or so individuals who were actually burning with the desire to awaken, and were able to convince me that they could understand my particular esoteric dialect (that is they had the proper background in information and experience,) under the right conditions I may consider meeting with them. And, as unfortunate as this is, I am afraid I will have to charge quite a lot, so that they themselves understand the value of what I am providing."

By the way, the above is a "coded message" in many ways, 
which you can see if you "get the joke."

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  1. Your inner truth speaks to my inner truth.There is no boundary.Fabulous.