Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Day

Or, "What the world needs now is..." Independence.

All over the planet, "Independence Day" (whatever it might be called) is a very meaningful day indeed, but almost in every case - including in America and most of the world - it has to do with the GROUP, and not with the INDIVIDUAL. That is, whether or not a day, or days, are celebrated by the GROUP, there is no such celebration for the INDIVIDUAL. But there needs to be. And, every day.
Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.
One man thinks himself the master of others, but
remains more of a slave than they are." Rousseau
What is necessary is that PARENTS begin as early as possible preparing the CHILD for their own, privately-held "Independence Day," but for so many centuries (so far) this has not been occurring anywhere. Certainly, there are cases where a Parent does prepare the Child for that big day, but only when the Parent - somehow, some way - achieved it themselves, and we all should know/realize how RARE that is (just Look Around.) The odds are absolutely against this ever happening because Life does not require it yet on a global scale. However, from one point of view presented herein - and for a long time - Life is "waking up" to what IT has wrought. That is, the PEOPLE everywhere are beginning to realize for themselves they are actually IN CHAINS and not as free as they once imagined.
And who can we thank for THAT?
You guessed it - The Internet/Extranet
For thousands of years, people everywhere had absolutely NO CLUE about what was happening outside their small group, town, even city, and not until the last couple hundred years did they begin to realize - en masse - that something was going on worldwide. Thanks to the last Sixty years or so, most of the Western world began discovering the truth about the whole world, and only in the last Twenty years or so, has the rest of the world begun to catch on to the truth as well. 

There is NO putting the genie back into the bottle because humans have ALREADY become "appendages" of the Internet/Extranet (even as it might appear the other way around.) It is becoming more intelligent and aware of the WHOLE WORLD than any one person, or group, or state. And the connected human brains - willingly jacked-in and booted-up (suited up) - have given over a large and very significant part of their "being as they know themselves" to the Larger Being, we now call, simply - The INTERNET.
Do not fear this. 
Life has deemed it so, and requires that be so for its larger, greater purpose - unknown to us in detail, but very likely having to with avoiding the SIXTH EXTINCTION before it becomes too late. Oh, and if you don't have anything better to do, achieve your own privately-held "Independence Day."   

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