Thursday, June 12, 2014

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

So there we lay, at the bottom of the stairs, straining to get up on two strong legs, only to realize we have broken one of them severely and don't know what happened. Bad day/month/year/decade/lifetime, all rolled into the moment we finally realize - after all this time - where we are, and our sorry condition. Clueless and crippled.

So now what? Just lie there and moan? Can't reach the phone - it's at the top of the stairs! Can't call for help - there is no one who can hear us anyway. Got to think!

Such is the case for modern man, and that includes ALL "modern men and women," no matter the century they were born (at the top of the stairs - conscious and full-bodied.) As said before, Humanity in general and in specific, is clueless and crippled.

People still believe - after all these many centuries - they are walking around normally, but they are severely limited where it counts: in their sensory apparati, of which there are only five known and they are, apparently, incapable of THINKING to the degree necessary to discover the real TRUTH about what happened up there at the top of the stairs leading to their current state of affairs. "Oh... if only I could remember all the stories, and then, somehow, 'get to the bottom of it', perhaps I would then know how to heal my leg (increase my sensory capacities), and 'Walk like a MAN.'"

So, what do you believe happened up there at the top? Did aliens make you with fragile legs, so you immediately fell down the stairs to live the remainder of your days as a cripple? Or was it some unknown God or Devil? Or was it the apes and chimps that gave rise to you? Or was it something else (some other 'creation of mankind' story)? It is necessary to realize, very clearly and with conviction, that you don't know, and can't know, especially lying there at the bottom of the stairs (that is, limited by only five ordinary, hopefully normally functioning senses.) To KNOW more, you must be fully equipped (all your higher senses activated), and every indication since modern man has been "walking" around on this planet (albeit, crippled), is that there are higher senses available to a man but there is no one around who can advise you how to attain them. If there WERE people around who could tell you, then how is it you were passed up?!? In any case, right now, today, it's ALL up to you!

Reasonably intelligent people understand that the present moment contains ALL that is necessary to soon - if not very soon - "get healed up" (conscious and full-bodied, with all the senses activated,) and 'Walk like a MAN.' Real MEN and WOMEN are not bound by wrong beliefs and faulty thinking, because their higher senses are fully activated, unlike the rest of humanity who are ordinary in every way, and still writhing around on the floor moaning and groaning about their sorry plight.

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