Monday, June 30, 2014

Alien Visitations

Only the top notes will be presented here, because the full symphony would require several afternoon conversations to even scratch the surface, and since no one here even knows about them (they've been going on for over two years now,) it would be pointless to even attempt to flesh out - on this slow and extremely cumbersome and time-delayed medium - the essential harmonies, resonances, over- and under-tones, and various sub- and super-vocal/musical chord progressions of this particular example of "chanting the world." So, therefore, the full context of this presentation will only be known by those who have been in attendance, week after week after week for, lo, these many months.

There have been several Alien Visitations in this solar system - and particularly on this small blue planet - for many thousands of years... and believe it or not, it is still happening today. The complexity of the organization and implementation of this expansion, and deep penetration of the effects worldwide from the nervous systems out, are producing results that even the most slow-witted and sleepy humans out there (the "masses," as they are usually called) have begun to experience them first-hand, though they certainly have no idea about any of this micro-chant. Perhaps some here will upon first reading - and perhaps some already know about this.

Rather than attempt to draw anyone's attention to any of the previous visitations that occurred long before any reader was even born, only the latest and most coordinated visitation will be pointed to today. In the first place, the visitations have always been virtually invisible to all the, at that time, living humans. That is, none realized what was happening, and thus could not possibly interfere, or side-step, or fight-the-fact, or complain, or cry about it. That is, it was happening then, it is happening now, and it will continue to happen in the future, but the ONLY ones who ever even begin to realize it are those whose "higher circuits" have already become fully, or at least partially activated. That is, they could THINK without undue emotional and intellectual pollution that is so typical in the "masses." For the "masses," the kind of information presented herein will instantly evoke wrong/disjointed/disconnected sensations, incorrect/immature feelings and emotions, and faulty/broken/childish ideas, beliefs, and thoughts, leaving the person fully incapable of hearing any more, let alone beginning to THINK further about it on their own.

The latest visitation occurred over a several decade period of time in the middle of the 20th century, and it literally swept the globe in just a few years. That is, since the stage was already set for the Alien Advention into human culture, due to the ordinary evolutionary path of our species - set on that course thousands of years before by previous visitations - many hundreds of thousands of unwitting humans were conscripted to "do the deeds necessary" to implement the sub- and super-structures necessary for the orderly growth and expansion of its Earthly Effects which are still, even today, expanding and evolving exponentially. The ground floor of this development - humanity itself, the entire human species - is not only being changed, modified, altered, enhanced internally, but externally, and it is precisely this EXTERNALITY that interests us now...  well, only those who have been "paying attention to the symphony/world-chant unfolding in real time."

Can you hear it yet?
Can you see it yet?
Can you think it yet?

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