Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Weirder and Stranger the BETTER!

Unknown to all but a tiny few, is that one does not need to run toward the strange, the weird, the conspiratorial, the mystical, etc., etc., to find the Real, but only to LEARN (in the right way) how one ordinarily misses virtually everything going on around and within themselves, because they think and believe that everything is "so damn OBVIOUS (it's not worth thinking anymore about it."

No, it is not obvious, it only SEEMS that way to the ordinary mind of man. In fact, everything out there and in here is totally mysterious, and even when one gets closer to discovering the "truth," it recedes even further into the totally mysterious. All is Mysterious. There is more to find out. And learning to move within that scale of "the apparently known," to "the totally unknown," is what approaching the Real is all about.

Therefore, forget about the strange, the weird, the conspiratorial, the mystical, etc., etc. There is generally nothing worth pursuing there but a lot of confusing nonsensical silliness. Instead, SEEK to penetrate the obviousness of human life, and the world at large, because it simply is NOT obvious at all, but quite mysterious.

Very few people can even start to investigate the obviousness, because they can't even hear the questions, let alone see the blatant in-your-face signs. That is, when one of them suddenly arises in their thinking center - usually because someone else asked it, or pointed it out - they instantly believe they already know and understand everything about it, and so their personal investigation terminates before it even begins. This goes on for decades, with no end in sight.

For example, here is one that always causes a rise in people: "Why are you here... again?" People will typically ignore this question internally, due to such thoughts as, "Hey, that's obvious... I want to be here.") Really? Are you sure? Ask yourself: "Why are YOU here... again!?!"

Actually, it is harder to get to the bottom of this question than people suspect, because the real question being asked is this: "Why are you ANYWHERE... again!?!" People believe they know - "Hey, it's obvious... because I want to be here, I chose to be here." Really? Are you sure? But, once you begin to Do This Thing being pointed to here - investigating the obviousness of human life - you will SEE that nothing is obvious, especially - though never limited to - that which you think is obvious... because nothing is obvious, everything is mysterious and you won't get anywhere until you BEGIN to discover something about what is being pointed to herein for yourselves.

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