Friday, August 8, 2014


Let's say, just for the sake of this piece, that your "evolution" (such as you presently understand that very hard to define concept) is one hundred percent your responsibility. That is, you are in a pickle, always have been, and very likely will continue to be, and you are wired up to fail at this. Plus, you can't rely upon some "god," or spirit, or force, or grace, any other outside-your-physical-body "entity-of-sorts" to push you, or pull you, or provide any assistance at all, beyond what any other person born in the last several thousand years received.

Let's say, just for the same sake, that the "evolution" of humanity (also hard to define) is one hundred percent your responsibility. That is - if you can't readily see that - humanity is in a humongous pickle jar, always has been, always will be, and our species is wired up to fail with regard to the kind of "evolution" suggested by the mystics of old, the masters of note, the names of which very few people alive today even know (let alone admire and respect,) but who lived on this Earth, walked around, and spoke quite seriously about "individual human potential and attainment."

Quick now... Test, if you care to read it and consider it: When you personally (as you are, right now, today, as you live-and-breathe, and hope to live-and-breathe another day) are in the physical "head-space" (which includes non-physical as well, like while on an audio- or video- phone-call,) is it your feeling, sensation, understanding (and other things too) that THEY are at least, if not more so, EQUAL to you mentally, emotionally, sensorially, spiritually, potentially -  and all the other "ally" words you can come up with, including... hell, even consciousally (ok, ok, consciously) - OR do you (as do most people alive on this tiny blue planet) see them as less so, if not much less so?
Walking and Talking Nervous Systems
One and All.
Same thing, Many versions.

Get it? Well, consider this, if the evolution of the world of mankind, our human species, is YOUR responsibility (just as your own is), then you must not, CAN NOT see them as less than you. In fact, being in the same "head-space" as other human beings - known or unknown to you, though in this particular way... eye-ball to eye-ball... ear-hole to ear-hole... that is, each one there sees and acknowledges the presence of the others also there, and can talk to any one or more of them personally (i.e., being in the same "head-space") - IS, when you come right down to it, the set and setting for ALL to ascend, even if only a little bit, but definitely to do that, to experience that (right now, today, as you live-and-breathe and hope to live-and-breathe another day.)

But, this is a Mission Impossible that only the few-of-the-few even care to choose to accept, because it necessarily involves the Active Mentation of the highest-of-the-highest parts of one's nervous system, each and every day for the rest of your life.

You need to always remember,
a "back door" is NOT an "escape hatch." 

"Back door?"  
"Escape hatch?"

All of this is somewhat easy to write, somewhat easy to say, but EXTREMELY hard/difficult to implement, but when you have 1) written it all down for others to read, and 2) said it out loud to one more people you admire and respect, then it is 3) EASY-as-HELL to remember when you have "blown it" - which means slipped out the "back door" - which is NOT the same thing as stepping through your own, self-created, "escape hatch."
Think about it.
It won't kill you, or
slow you down any.

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