Friday, December 26, 2003

Enlightenment News

I don't read the Enlightenment News section of the Worldwide Inquirer tabloid anymore, having grown a third ear some time back - which starts to twitch vigorously whenever within earshot of more-of-the-same-ol-same-ol. Some of these reporters out there, writing for the Enlightenment News section of the tabloids, can't tell a _New_ story anymore because they're locked into _Old_ stories they've told so many times before - and my third ear can hear whenever even they don't believe their own schtick.

You see, it's not what people say that matters - all those Masters and Teachers and the countless, would-be nameless-except-for-their-continual-self-serving gurus, saints and self-realized doctors of the same disease they're spreading ("You're not enlightened, but I can make you so - in 30 days, or your money back!") - it's that they keep talking the talk, and greasin' the engine.

The sooner one recognizes the background NOISE for what it is, the sooner one can start hearing something _New_, and start writing (thinking) for their own pleasure, not someone else's.

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