Friday, December 26, 2003

Do you get energy from conversation?

This is a constant "debate" amongst people. Do you get energy from conversing with other people? Do you get energy from thinking about topics (talking to yourself)?

Most, upon hearing these questions, would immediately answer, "YES! what could be more obvious.", and they'd be right, except for one thing. That's not the end of it.

Oh, it's the end of it for them, of course - they already believe that they get "new energy" from conversations, so they pursue them, engage in them, even join email lists, and post 10 times a day everyday, all from the belief that such engagement, produces "new energy" in them. But, (kindly and gently) force them to keep considering the question, and you'll see how limited is their capacity for understanding "what's going on."

There's more going on in this dynamic. It is not possible to determine the direction of the flow of energy, when it's flowing, anymore than it's possible to "know where the river is, >>right now<<." About all consciousness can say, is that the river is one and eternal, at least until it dries up, but then there's the Big River, until it dries up, but then there's the Universal River of Energy...

Humans believe they get energy OUT OF THE PROCESS of conversation (with themselves and others), but it's not true; they expend energy in that process. Energy only comes into the system in one way - from direct experience. Like standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset, and experiencing something - then, during and afterward people want to snap photos, and talk about their Great Canyon vacation, and that Superb Sunset. They're reliving a direct experience, and convinced absolutely that they're squeezing new energy out of their memories, but they are not. Remembering energizes, or activates circuits that have already been laid down, like railray tracks, and they're just taking the trip all over again, except this time, without their physical body in tow. All the energy is still there, of course, in the direct experience, but they can't squeeze into it, or anything out it, by talking about it further. Memory is one thing, talking about it another.

If you can begin to see this, it's like a bit-switching circuit, that flips first this way - allowing energy to flow in - and then that way - allowing energy to flow out - and this process is known by humans, as "conversation", and "talking to oneself", and more derogatorily at times, imagination, daydreaming, lost in thought, absent-mindedness.

This bit-switching circuitry in the frontal lobes, enables conversation, and what comes out your mouth, and into your fingertips, is the RESULT of something, not the cause of something. And the flip-flop-flip is progressing in sequence with the normal breath, though at a much higher frequency, about a 30th of a second each way (much faster when it's operating on all cylinders). Seeing, talking, hearing, seeing, talking, hearing and it goes by so fast, that the conversation seems continuous - like a movie theatre film in progress.

It's a huge eye-opener, and mind-clearing experience, to realize when it's happening, that a particular sentence is occurring without any help from "you" whatsoever, that the possibilities of eventual word selection and sentence construction are almost infinite as to their possible resulting form, and that the words and phrases are being pulled down off the shelf in a way unknown to you. (That is, that prior sentence could have been said in an almost INFINITE number of ways, and no human ever knows what he is going to say next - the sentence has more control over it's final construction, than you do!)

And if this doesn't beat all, it all works perfectly whether you're "asleep" or "awake" (in the "esoteric" sense). Everybody on the planet can and does engage in copious (COPIOUS) amounts of inner conversation and social conversation, and they don't have to be enlightened, or even on their way to being enlightened, or even interested in being enlightened. The machinery of Life, the living machine, moves in mysterious ways, but only to the many who are asleep at the wheel.


ps- therefore, all stories are absolutely irrelevant, because they're after the fact, arising out of the direct experience which evoked them, and that experience is a singular, even personal, experience, and can hardly be communicated to someone else; hey, you'd just have to have been there.

pps- "edge of the Grand Canyon" = "edge of the Universe" = "edge of Consciousness". And peering out across those unknown spaces can only be experienced, not imagined, nor dreamed up, though everybody believes that through conversation they may be able to.

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