Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do you actually know the way to San Anselmo?

Well, you should. After all, it's on a map. Google it. And if you're still not sure, find a friend with good spatial sense of such things and go with them; they can help you find the way and possibly even arrive there in one piece to enjoy the place. Easy peasy.

But - and you knew there was a "but" coming, right? - for all those places you can't find on maps, that can't be written out, printed out, or displayed on a computer screen, well, THAT is another matter entirely. AND, what's worse, for all those "harder to find places" - the ones that really are worth your time and energy to locate and travel to, and even one day ARRIVE in one piece - your friends will be of no help to you. None. Not even a little bit, even though the so-called "common wisdom" suggests otherwise.

Those hidden places that don't fill space and time, but mind, and heart - all those secret places where lies the only Treasure worth Hunting in this Life - those places must be located alone, by yourself, and your friends are just going to have to sit this trip out.

People who know this, don't join up with other people to "go where they think/believe they are going", but to learn how to actually go where "I want and need to go." It's a completely different motivation, and it keeps one centered on what is important, and less distracted by the activities happening around them.

People who know this, may know where they are, but will never know where anybody else is, not really. They could be on Mars for all you know, or inside a dark cave somewhere, you just don't know and they can't even tell you. They can, perhaps, give suggestions, offer clues, but try as you will you will never find them, and they will never find you.

People who know this, are strangers in the night, 
and that is never a "bad thing." 
It is the ONLY thing.

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